Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dream: The plumbing never works in those old houses.

That old, condemned house again.

I don't like the looks of the left leg, so I think I'll trim it down a little.

It's easy, see, just a little pressure right there, and a slice.
The problem there is that it's lopsided now, so I'll take a little from the right leg.

Hold these bones, sister, while I try to get this just perfect.

I'll have to do this side right-handed. The left hand won't reach around.


Guess I'll just have to do away with both legs below the knee, for balance. And a little off each thigh. The thighs have always been too thick.

I have no idea who clogged the bath tub.


  1. I had a flashback to that silly Boxing Helena film because of this...

  2. I haven't seen it, but I googled it, and it looked horrific. So I'll be watching it soon. :)

  3. Reminds me of the Saw movies, ewwww 😄

  4. And all I could think of was the bathtub scene in Breaking Bad. Course, there was no need for trimming down the legs. :)