Thursday, January 26, 2012

100 Words: Wayward Son

He strolls right through the front door every Friday without knocking, though he's never lived here.  He'll spend his time eating our food, flipping through our channels and catching up on juicy family gossip. He might even remember to ask about his nephews.
I'll pretend it doesn't bother me that he dyed his beautiful blond curls a patchy, weak black. I'll let the other kids razz him for it. Next time we see him, it'll be back to normal.
When he's had all he can take of us, he'll rise, stretch, and say those three little words...

"I need money."


  1. "...he dyed his beautiful blond curls a patchy, weak black." No! Smart lady to not say anything, though. Particularly when others can do it for you!

    Oh, I loved this piece. Friday dinner and dough, eh? Not a bad gig. ;)

  2. Those three words sound like my little brother for several years. Even now, I seem to only hear from him when he wants something from me. Kids. Blood is a funny fucking thing, ain't it?

  3. Jayne-he's probably more spoiled now that he's "on his own." I'm grateful to see him once a week.

    Robbie- Indeed, blood is a funny thing. We use the term "family" pretty loosely at my house. If we feel the need to be specific, there's always "blood."

  4. one can only hope this is a 'phase'...
    good piece though it scarily reminds me of someone i know, well knew..

  5. Hey Nessa, I remember my oldest daughter going through that phase. She's older now, but her younger sister is just hitting it now.

  6. I can't ask my parents for money even though sometimes I'd really need their help.
    Well written.

  7. Dan- he reminds me of someone, too, but I'll never tell him who it is.

    Dicky- I don't mind the phase so much as the timing. I wish he would have waited til he was older, so I wouldn't think of him so much as "my little boy."

    Starlight- I asked my mom for money only once, and then I was able to come up with it on my own before she gave me any. Thank goodness.

  8. Yep. Sounds like family.

    When he said he needed money, please tell me you pointed toward the dishes and/or handed him a broom. :-)


  9. At some point, the only thing kids need from the parents is the credit card.

    Cold As Heaven

  10. Well at least he drops by and spends some time with you before he asks for the money. :)

  11. Pearl- Of course I did. I ain't no rookie mom!

    Cold- That's probably true, especially of teenagers. I think they outgrow it once they start having kids of their own.

    Sensible- I'll send him to your place next time. Be prepared.

    Rubye- It's good to see a new face here, and that's true. I'm thankful for evey minute I get to see his face.