Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three Sons, One Daughter

    Blackeyed peas aren't as excellent in chili as actual chili beans. But we have no chili beans. So we make do. Matthew says, "It's all good." I can't believe he's the same kid who used to refuse to eat anything that wasn't a peanut butter sandwich.
    Jake is the invisible boy once again. I have no idea if his girlfriend is pregnant. They won't answer their phone. Surely, they would tell me, right?
David's "Christmas present" to me came in the form of a handed down hand-down. It's 3'x4' oil painting of houses upon houses painted on the back of a piece of panelboard and frame-mounted on 1"x2"s. The colors are bold and beautiful, and it fits nicely on the wall above my desk.

    Sara's apartment has been dubbed "The G Spot." Facebook kept telling me she was there. I secretly thought it was some kind of coffeehouse (or lesbian bar?) until I clicked it and realized the truth.

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