Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm not washing anyone's boxers unless it's LOVE

"You better hurry up and get a man. You're not getting any younger. Pretty soon, you're going to be too old."

Meaning what, exactly? That old people can't find love? I'm only thirty-seven. What's the rush?

Or that I should just settle for any man who'll take me...

Because I'm damaged goods? Because I won't be happy without a man? Because I should start seeing things the way everybody around me sees them?

Life's not worth living unless you have a significant other?

I remember what it's like to have a lover and to not actually be inlove. To enjoy one an extent.
(I love ya baby, but you're stinkin' up my bathroom...)

Should I settle for...((shudder))...mediocrity?

And, not to be making excuses for myself, but it's been hard for me to attract a man my own age who doesn't come off as somewhat of a pedophile. Even one of my lovers, J.T. who is just four months younger than I am, told me once that he feels like a pervert every time he looks at me. And I've known him since I was fourteen!
Alot of people have told me over the years that I'm so lucky to look so young, and when I get older, I"ll feel like it's a blessing. But they don't understand that I actually AM older, and still feel CURSED.

And anyway, this plea for my union with a man comes from a self-centered source for a selfish reason. The Meatheads have decided that I'll be in a lot better mood once I'm getting laid pretty regular. And then I'll treat them better.
So I guess I'll try to improve my  attitude on the job.
It'll probably work in my favor to do so, because I have a crush on someone in one of the other departments. And I've heard that a smile makes you more attractive.

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