Thursday, February 25, 2016


These are the bullet points:

  • The kids have been out of the house for a significant amount of time--long enough that I actually miss them.
  • I am still in school, still rockin' the four point oh. This has a lot to do with my absence on this blog.
  • I got a nice promotion at my job.
  • I also got a humble pay increase.
  • I had a dream about that guy I like.
  • It was a very nice dream.
  • I don't have nice dreams. This must be a sign.
  • I'm going to London in May for two weeks.
  • Dr. Doty, who is leading our London trip, is not going to come back to WTAMU in the Fall.
  • Dr. Doty got a better job.
  • Dr. Doty got a better pay increase than mine.
  • Dr. Doty deserves it. He's pretty brilliant, and could probably get a job anywhere he wants.
  • I noticed I lost about six followers.
  • It kind of hurts my feelings that people actually chose to give up on me.
  • I'll be back soon.