Wednesday, July 2, 2014

100 Words: Plop, Chatter, Hiss

     There's enough drizzle to set a gloomy mood, but not enough to scare away the workers at the apartments down the street. They've got edgers and weed-eaters and mowers out mighty early today. The roar vibrates across the wet asphalt, strikes the wooden fence, bounces against my house, whips into my living room.

     I'm disappointed. I like to open the door, listen to the trickle of water run across my roof, gather in the rain gutter, and plop onto the patio. I like to listen to birds gossip across powerlines. I like to hear the hiss as precipitation hits pavement.


  1. I empathize. I'm also a sucker for a righteous downpour.

  2. The good news--when they're done they leave. The rain may not. Nice little piece, there.

  3. One of my favorite parts of summer is when the heat and humidity is so thick you can taste it... and when that taste turns to metallic... that's when you KNOW the storm's a'coming. :)

  4. I love throwing open the windows and doors, turning off the television and the lights, and then just lying back.

    But I'm in Houston, where it's 100 degrees most of the year and only rains 4 times.

  5. Sometimes, the comments people leave are so beautiful, I feel that anything I could say in return would ruin the mood.

  6. Sometimes someone have some work they need to do. Where I live they may need to do it in the summer, when its fairly warm and no snow. That's OK, I think.

    Right now we're enjoying a heatwave. Here in the north, it means we have nice and pleasant summer weather, with kids swimming in the ice cold fjord >:)

    Cold As Heaven