Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm Out of Kahlua, But I've Still got Vodka.

Right now, I feel a little jazzy.
I wish I lived in the old neighborhood.
That place where we could light up the grill at 10 pm
and get the whole neighborhood in on the party.
I wish somebody would offer me a toke (even though I'm allergic).
I wish we could turn it up and 
let it loose and
invite the cops.
I wish it was Margarita Monday
with a bit of Sassy Saturday mixed in
for your listening pleasure.
I wish I could take a clumsy spin around the patio
with old Green Eyes
who secretly loves me.
But he's just too cool to say it.


  1. An ode to the past.
    I tried to assemble the thought for an ode to not going back, but those words won't come back right now.
    Have a great summer, no matter where you light your grill.

    1. Hmm...I hadn't thought it was nostalgic when I typed it out...probably due to the copious amounts of alcohol I'd consumed...

  2. You and the green-eyed dude...I want to bitch slap one ya'll for being daft about taking the plunge. I'm just not sure which one, or, if it'd be worth coming to muthafuckingtijas to do it ;).

    1. Yep. That's the same thing I hear from our co-workers. Ball's in his court...