Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Free Twenty

This is my free time today. I came upon it quite suddenly, and without prior knowledge of its existence.
What shall I do with this new-found, delightful spread of time? I can't quite start any new projects in a mere twenty minutes, nothing of consequence, anyway. I can't cook a proper meal in twenty minutes. I can't even run to the drive-thru and scarf down a hamburger in twenty minutes.
All of my respectable friends are at work right now, so it would probably be rude to call for a chat. The rest of my friends? Probably still in bed, the slackers.
I suppose I could put away the laundry, but it would be a hasty job, no real commitment to ironing the things which truly need ironing.
If I start that new book I bought, I'll be sorely disappointed that I won't be able to finish it in one setting.
British Literature calls, and today we're watching a scandalous film, Byron. I wouldn't want to miss out on watching the boys squirm during Lord Byron's love affair with his sister. (gross.)
After that, it's on to Spanish, where we're learning the difference between por and para. That will probably take about twenty minutes.
I recently polished up my short story about the banshee and submitted it to the college magazine. Who knows if they'll publish it. It's a little racy, and I sent it to the most critical professor on staff. I figure if it makes it past her, I might stand a chance out there in the real world. We'll see.
I didn't win for my short story. I plan to submit it elsewhere, though, so I can't publish it here at all. Rest assured, if it does win, or manages to get published anywhere, I will definitely be bragging about it here, and I'll post a link for anybody who's curious or crazy enough to want to read it.
This is the week of exams for me. I had four exams out of five classes. My mind is a little scattered now that it's all over. I still need to focus though, so I can learn all my new jobs at work. Turns out, I have to learn no less than four new positions before I can settle in as a bookkeeper. I've got one done. Three to go..ugh.
Oh, look, that's the end of my free time.
Lord Byron, I'm on the way...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Does this transition make me look pretty?

Yesterday was the last day of my incarceration in the cutting room, with the big, knife-wielding boys and their caveman attitudes about everything, including women. I can't say after eleven years of bossing the boys around that I'll miss it at all. There's been enough blade-slinging in my life. Enough name-calling. Enough ass-grabbing.

I'll miss Alyssa. I feel awful leaving her back there on her own. Everybody needs a wingman. She was mine. I was hers. I'll miss Jesse for a little while, but I suspect he'll seek me out when he gets too lonely. Of course, he always seems to find a buddy where ever he looks. He'll be alright without me.

I can't say I'm heart-broken to be leaving the man-cave, even if it is only to the front part of the store. Bookkeeping, they told me, but they've got me scheduled to check. Maybe there was some miscommunication. They told me before that I make too much money to check. I completely agree. Bookkeeping seems more like my kind of thing. Who knows what's going on. It'll straighten itself out soon enough.

I'm shrugging the shoulder and thinking it's whatever.

Everybody says there's so much drama at the front of the store, but there's drama everywhere, and I'm all grown now, so bring it on. We're gonna work that shit out.

The best part is, I'll get to be pretty and look like a girl. I went and got my nails done today to celebrate the transition. I almost went for the mani-pedi, but opted for the eyebrow-waxing instead. It was time...

Spring Break begins tomorrow afternoon, but I have those kinds of teachers who like to take that opportunity to give a lengthy assignment, in case of boredom. Bless their little hearts.

I'm taking the day-long tour of the university tomorrow in Canyon. I'm so lucky to be living here, where the college and the university are so accessible. I thought about moving to Canyon, to save gas, but then I remembered it's a dry county,

Besides, the kiddos and the grand-kiddos would miss me too much. I like to think I'm pretty much their favorite person.

I'm going to miss Mr. Green Eyes. I think I'll miss him most of all.