Friday, May 31, 2013

There Was a Paint Sale, So I Painted.

 Just the Wind, acrylic 24" x 36"

 Not My Mama's Evening Gown, acrylic 12" x 16"

 Show and Tell, acrylic on paper 9" x 12"

Smoke and Kisses, acrylic 24" x 48"

That last one has a poem floating around in the smoke cloud. I wrote it in 1999, so obviously, it is romantic, sad drivel.

Here it is. Keep in mind, I was still in my twenties, and full of ridiculousness.

Nothing Less
(a silly poem by a silly girl)

Hold my hand as we watch TV
And tell me that you're fond of me
Stay long enough for a little bit more
And kiss me before you walk out the door

Tell me I'm pretty and tell me I'm smart
Admire my poems and eleventh grade art.
Touch me in places I long to be touched
Give me any reason to like it so much

Talk about times we used to know
Make me laugh and carry on so
Laugh at me falling down drunk on the floor
And kiss me before you walk out the door

Make me feel happy to answer your knock
Tho as soon as you get here, you're watching the clock
Fill my heart with a joy that I've never known
Spend a little time here, then I'm left alone

Whisper sweet nothings into my ear
I'll smile and giggle and hold back a tear.
I'll take nothing less and ask for no more
But kiss me before you walk out my door.

copyright Nessa Locke 1999


  1. You're painting style remind me of of my departed friend, the bruja. A compliment, I promise. Quite nice.

    1. Thank you. I like the idea of having any style.

  2. Really, very wonderful. I really like the wind painting... very "starry night".

    1. I woukd never, in a million years, come anywhere near Van Gogh's brilliance, but thank you for the comparison.

  3. I'm really impressed by your diverse talent. A couple of the lines in your "silly poem" were very good >:)

    The picture with the trees was great. But in case i had the skills to paint something like that, I would have put the white tree in the foreground and the black tree in the background. It would fit better with my mind >;)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. I tried that once, it didn't please me much. That particular trees painting is a re-vamped version of a painting I did several years ago.

  4. Love your paintings. And the poem is great in the context of the smoke.

    1. Thank you, Glenn! I often think that's where most of my poems should be, up in smoke.

  5. We all thought and did things differently in our twenties. I used to do a lot of recording then, but have long since lapsed. I went back and listened to some of my music. It made me cringe, laugh, and sometimes wonder how I did certain things so well. I wish I had kept it up.

    I like your painting.

    1. Thanks, Grunt. Sometimes, I don't even know who I was in my twenties. That girl seems so strange to me now.