Friday, May 24, 2013

Like a Bear in a Cave

The weatherman promised tornadoes, but there were only blue, sunshiney skies and spinning pinwheels. Knowing how quickly the weather can change, I hunkered down on the couch and watched the entire second season of Game of Thrones with the lights off and the doors and windows closed.

I probably should have been washing the dishes or scrubbing the toilet, but I was removing myself from those tasks because it was supposed to be a bad weather day. I was already making excuses in my head. It's pointless to clean if you know a tornado will just mess it up again.

Elsewhere in the world, a socially awkward, stuttering teenager plunged a knife into two of his brothers' tiny bodies, a tired old bridge decided it just couldn't make it through another day and flung a few cars into the depths of the Skagit River, and somebody named Robert Pattinson moved out of his girlfriend's house...again.

Some of those thing concerned me more than others, but I was busy awaiting a storm that never happened. The weatherman cancelled his plans early in the evening. I could practically hear the cheers on Facebook. Apparently, some of these fools who live here think you can predict such things. They must not be native.

I surveyed my Emergency Preparedness Kit (a charged cellphone, a bowl of popcorn, and an unopened bottle of delicious rum). I turned up the volume on the TV when the wind kicked up. Those spinning pinwheels can be noisy.

(Highly unlikely.)


  1. It's sometimes comical to see a trained meteorological professional, being wrong, throw their hands in the air and say;

    "I got nothing..."

    But at least you didn't get tornadoed....

  2. "It's pointless to clean if you know a tornado will just mess it up again."

    Those pinwheels you speak about, they include the two legged small variety that touch down all over my house, right? Because it's useless to clean up after them too. Although they were predicted by my OBGYN and not the weatherman.

    I think you did the right thing regardless. Because as you well know... "Winter is coming"

  3. I saw the Oklahoma tornado in the news. The power of nature can be scary. Why pop corn?

    Cold As Heaven

  4. Just as well the weather forecast was wrong, after seeing the Oklahoma twister's deeds.