Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ketchup on Crackers

The page view count on my other blog reads 666 right now. This is not so scary to the religion-intolerant portion of my brain, but it's raising some eyebrows in the baptist-born corner. Considering that is the blog in which I air all my demons, well...

In other news, my college education is coming along just fine. All my dreams are taking place in the middle of the bloody American Revolution, and my participles are dangling where everybody can see them, but I'm well on my way to being a member of educated society. (Okay, okay, I'm only six credits in, but it's a start, dammit!)

I CLEP-ed out of College Algebra altogether. Now I can pretend that math doesn't exist. That alone was cause for a major celebration, so I took my daughter out to eat. I paid. That's the way of things around here. I didn't buy her a margarita, despite the fact that she's officially of a legal drinking age. I could tell you I wouldn't buy her any alcohol on principle, but the reality is, I was too cheap to shell out the four bucks. I'm just a poor college kid, after all.

The kids have moved out and then back in and then out and then in again. At this point in time, I have three and a half in the house, one tag-a-long and one and a half out of the house. Don't try to make sense of that. It's likely to change by the time I'm finished writing this post. They have eaten everything in the house that is edible and moved on to licking the things that smell edible. However, I've been informed that just because a Scentsy Bar smells like a orange push pop doesn't mean it tastes like an orange push pop.

Some people have to learn things the hard way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From the Heart

Eleven years ago, I sat in my living room beside my (then) boyfriend Jeremy glued to my bubble screen TV wondering what was going to happen to our country next. There was no Facebook; there was no text-messaging; there was no Skype. I had to pick up the phone to call my loved ones to hear their voices and sigh with relief that they were okay.

I wanted to run to the school and gather my children close to me.

I wanted my mom.

Even though the tragedy of that day didn't affect me directly, it definitely affected me. Nobody in my family died. None of my friends died. We each woke up the next day and went on with our forever-changed lives, and we considered ourselves lucky for it.

I am truly thankful to be alive and safe today with all of my children within arm's reach.

Thank you Jeffery, Jodie, Destiny, Randy, Jeremy, Brian A, Brian N, Uncle Kelton, Dad, GrandDad, Shanna, Jason, Clint, Eduardo, Brandon W and all those who have stood up to protect our rights, our freedoms, and our lives.