Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skills. I Got 'Em.

About an hour ago, my refrigerator opened to the left, toward the laundry room. That seemed really stupid to me, especially since I have one of those narrow kitchens built for no more than two people. You couldn't stand in front of the refrigerator and take out all the things you need at once. You'd have to take out a few things, close the fridge, move over, put them on the counter, move back and open the fridge again for the rest of your things.We had to step into the laundry area just to get to the coffee creamer.

Now it opens to the right, toward the kitchen. 

Did I have to bat my eyelashes and serve iced tea to a greasy guy with plumber's butt? 


I simply waved my magic socket wrench, and voila

Easy. Peasy.


  1. Wow you are the handylady of the tejanos...the only way i figure i could do that would be to turn my fridge upside down....but im one of those lateral thinkers y'know....
    umm btw i really lie that toilet brush thingy your top pic...why dont we have them in oz??? we have to get down on our hands n knees to dig out all the glop with our short handled scrubbers..or worse still risk life n limb bending over the crapper...reminds me of a time...

  2. Some people are soooo talented!

    Seriously though, only qualified mechanics and Texas girls know how to use a socket wrench. And giant toilet brushes.

  3. Gotta love a woman who comes with her own set of tools.

    Tony said that's what sold him on me. :)

  4. You are a regular "Handy Mandy".

  5. Excellent. You definitely have me beaten for skills. I would have moved the whole damn fridge (probably to a more irritating location)

  6. Oh dear Nessa, can we expect a post from you next week about you hearing a loud crash in the middle of the night? Upon investigating you find the fridge door on the kitchen floor! Sorry I'm actually laughing at the thought of that... Now I feel cruel :(

  7. Dan- That's actually a plunger. One of my kids dubbed that picture "The Queen and her Throne."

    Joe-I also know how to use a circular saw. Even Texas girls have to know how to defend themselves.

    Maria- skills and drills

    Julianna- I bet you've got more than just the housewife's set, too!

    Robbie- :)

    Grunt- mostly on account of there's no Handy Man handy.

    light-I thought about it, really, but that idea got shot down by the kid.

    Dicky- I know another thing I can do with a socket wrench. ;)

  8. My kinda girl. When my dad wasn't teaching, he was a carpenter. I worked with him often. A girl should know how to handle tools (ha! all kinds!). But a circular saw. Whoa--not sure if I'd attempt that on my own. ;)

  9. how funny, but i just changed the swing on my refrigerator a couple of weeks ago. :)

  10. Wahoo! I like a girl who can do it herself. Well done!

  11. Very good. You're a handy girl. I'm quite handy myself, at least sometimes. I tend to be a slow starter >:)

    Cold As Heaven