Wednesday, September 28, 2011

100 Words: Budget Restraints

My dog is too sexy for the fish shaped pieces of dog food. She noses them onto the floor, as if they aren't even worthy of touching the bowl.

She's such a spoiled brat. I've let her get by with it far too long. There was a time when I would simply sigh and sweep them into the trash.

Nowadays, I'm clutching the wallet a little bit closer; everybody has to make sacrifices.

If I am forced to eat tuna fish out of a can, then she damn well better learn to eat those little pieces of fish shaped food.


  1. Just for a moment I thought you were going to say that you were eating the fish shaped dog food, rather than waste it *sound of me yacking*

    Nice 100 words. I think everyone is finding it tough going at the moment.

  2. loved it - 100 words.. hummmmmm * thinking * lol

  3. Thanks for the plug! I didn't invent them but I think I was the first person in this circle to do them on my blog.

    It's amazing how dogs' standards drop when they get hungry. I think you'll be all right.

  4. It's amazing how quickly we spoil our animals. I'm sure your dog will get used of eating the fish shaped pieces of dog food sooner or later.

    Thank you for mentioning me.

  5. save all the fishies until you have enough to fill her bowl with just them. and then take pictures of the look on her face when you give it to her. ok, the thought of you actually doing that is making me way too happy, hehehe.

  6. Dicky-That's a scary thought. But to be honest, my grandson thinks the fishies are delicious!

    Mel-You should do it. I wonder if you'll be able to stop at 100.

    Robbie- thanks. She is, though.

    MLS-you're welcome, and yes, she'll eventually eat them.

    Starlight-nice to see you again!

    id-she gives me a look. It's kind of like "You are so fired."

  7. I wonder what is going through your dog's mind when it does this?

  8. Haha! Nessa, I got so distracted by your new profile message and photo that I almost forgot to leave a comment! OMG--it's too funny!

    So are the 100 words.

    And I can't tell you how much I need FUNNY right now! Gawd you have some great stories! ;D