Monday, July 11, 2011

Thumpers- a not so fictional story.

We let the demons in.
We might as well have slit our wrists to dye the carpet red, we were so accomodating. We invited them to sit comfortably in the parlor and offered them iced tea.
Nevermind that it was laced with incrimination. It had no effect on them whatsoever. They greedily drank down the poison, wiped their mouths and politely asked for more.
While we whispered secretively in the kitchen, they were perusing our family photographs, taking stock, making plans.
While we were arranging petit fours on a tray, they were drugging the dog and conferring with the cat.
By the time we returned, tray in hand, smiles pasted across our faces, they had returned to their seats on the cushioned sofa, skirts pulled down to cover their scandalous knees.
We knew what they were. We knew they were there, not to kill us, but to destroy us just the same. We knew they would do it so skillfully, and quietly that we might not even notice the bombs they'd planted.
We looked at one another, raising our eyebrows in acknowledgement.
At that moment, we both understood that we would not go down without a fight.
So what do you do with a group of skirt-wearing, kitten-petting, bible-thumping demons?
You invite them into the parlor and offer them cake and tea.


  1. Different kind of demons than the ones I've had to tea, but frightening none the less. I really liked how this was written.

  2. Intriguing and somewhat disconcerting. I'm not sure I would want demons like this in my house. This has a cadence that runs right the way through.

    "While we were arranging petit fours on a tray, they were drugging the dog and conferring with the cat."

    You can never really trust the cats.

  3. Scary and dark, gifted writing. they sound stealthy in their destructive ways, I better watch out for the signs more vigilantly.

  4. Demons are crafty. As crafty as this piece. My, I like your not so fictional story, Nessa.
    This makes me wonder if you've heard anything about the manuscript??... :)

  5. Robbie- we get all sorts, sometimes all at once.

    Light- what kind of demons DO you want in your house?

    Shopgirl- It's a good idea to sleep with one eye open.

    Jayne- I haven't heard a thing. It's probably time to re-vamp my query letter and broaden my horizons.

  6. oh, nessa, this has to be one of my favoritest things i've evah read. first off, i love short and to the point things, you are always sooo good at making your stuff complete, whole and tight even when it's brief. second i just love the way you describe things...i knew there had to be a bit of a twist, but i was still getting a little bit skeerd. and lastly, i have great disdain for bible's prolly a bit unhealthy, the extent to which i dislike them.

  7. Thank you, indy. I attribute that briefness to my short stint as a high school journalist. Short, sweet and to the point. I'm a bottom line kind of girl.
    And it's not ALL bible thumpers who make my skin crawl- just the ones who make it their mission in life to change my "wicked" ways.