Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still Bonkers After All These Years

I've always had a tendency to write "straight from the hip" when it comes to posting on my blog. I feel this is somewhat evident. I like to type directly into the "New Post" page and push the "publish" button without editing. I may or possibly may not go back later and fix things up a bit, rearrange things, make it pretty. This method may make my writing more honest, but it is certainly not thorough- not by a long shot.

My blog doesn't reflect the perfectionist that I am when it comes to writing my novels. I know I will never need an editor. I tediously read and re-read and re-think and revise.  Every flaw you find there is completely intentional. This will probably keep me from ever being published.

Lately, I've been re-reading my posts, and I realize there are quite a few holes where there could be adjectives and adverbs. I've thought to myself more than once that I could have described this with more umph, or that with more clarity. I could have said something else in a completely different way.

I post too many dream blogs. (Of course, I am obligated to write those down. My sanity is dependent on it.) But I have decided to post my dreams in the other blog- to segregate them from my "real blog".

My Twenty Years High School Reunion is coming up, and a handful of those folks already read my blog through Facebook. It makes me smile when somebody tells me they enjoy it. Secretly, I wonder if they think to themselves, "I always knew she was crazy, and this just proves it."

A couple of weeks from now, I'll be seeing some of those old familiar faces, and I hope they'll be happy to see me, rather than whispering about me as I pass by. "Did you read her blog about the blackbirds? That woman is a menace to society!"

I guess I'll know when I get to the gala. If I walk in and everybody in the room takes a collective step backward, I'll have to assume they've been reading.


  1. i blog write with the same system as you. but i have to say i never get the feeling anything you write has holes of any kind. :)
    and, haha, there may be some people who take a step back because they've read your blog...but i am positive there are some who take three steps towards you for the very same reason!

  2. I always re-read post before I publish it; I don't even write directly into the "New Post" page, I perfer Word.
    I think that there's nothing wrong with your method of writing and I don't see any holes in your posts.

  3. I don't think you are crazy at all. I'm not sure if it's because I'm use to it, or because I'm crazy too...

  4. I write all my posts on a New Post page, also. But I usually copy my first couple of paragraphs in to Word just in case.

    I like the informality of the blog format. I think it's meant to be casual and not necessarily a finished product. Sometimes I'm neurotic and edit as I'm falling asleep. But most times I'm too impatient and need an Orange Publish Button fix (and it probably shows).

    I tend to think writing's better when it's raw. Which is why I enjoy your blog so much. ;)
    Now about that other one...??

  5. :-) I can't tell you how many people approach me in public on something I've written, even things from months ago. :-) I get a huge kick out of it.

    And editing? :-) Since I write every day, I don't get much time with the posts. Wonder what I'd do with more time on my hands?! :-)


  6. I used to blog my dreams all the time not so long ago, but I seem to be going through a period of not dreaming. At least not big vivid dreams. The last ‘big’ one I had was so disturbing that it stopped me from putting pen to paper. Nice idea looking back at your old posts. Easy to see lots of errors in our own work when we look back, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

  7. Indy- come with me. Hold my hand.

    Starlight- thank you. I may start using Word just to see how I like it.

    Sara-you're definitely nuts. I think it's hereditary.

    Jayne, you're not the first to tell me about the raw quality that comes across in my writing. I take it as a compliment, thank you.

    Pearl- Only two or three people have approached me out of the blue, and yes, I did get a kick out of it. I smiled ALL day!

    EW-I read one of your dream blogs. Something about a ghost and a glass of water, if I remember correctly. (I think we'll be in the same categaory at Dream Club...)

  8. I re-read over and over again, and still find things I missed. Sometimes my mind works quicker than fingers. It frustrates me. Sabina, every so often, acts as my copy-editor.

    Upon re-reading this, I realize I've been out of high school twenty years as well. That's a frightening feeling in some ways. In others, it's quite liberating.

  9. Robbie- you lucky man. Nobody around here wants to be my copy editor, no matter how much I beg.