Friday, June 10, 2011

Yes, Apparently, We ARE Lost

So, here I am, looking at my screen wondering where in the heck did this morning's post go? I looked in all the usual places. But it's not in the refrigeratror or the dryer or the shower. (If you were lucky enough to read this morning's post, you'd get that joke.)
Here's my theory: Lyric, my wonderful grandson has somehow deleted my most previous entry while I was in the kitchen cooking up mashed potatoes. I remember I caught him using the laptop around that time. Probably, he thought he was helping me out, just as he was when he was hiding my keys and my book and my glasses this morning. (You'd get that too, if you'd read that post.)
But it's gone, baby, gone, with apparently no hope of returning. I tend to write straight onto the Blogger New Post Page, so it's not like I saved it anywhere else.
It's my own fault. I forgot how helpful seventeen-month-old babies can be.


  1. Word doc first, baby! (I learned the hard way.) But I loved this post about Lyric. (So sorry about this morning's post--hate it when that happens--but I had to laugh!) I just can't believe he'd do such a thing. No, never. Never, no. ;)

  2. i tried to see your post but it wasn't i went to google reader because i've learned you can see people's deleted posts from there...but you must have your settings so that google reader does not show your whole post, so it only has the beginning, bummer-i thought i was gonna be a post saver for you. i've accidentally deleted whole posts before, working straight from the blogger new post page like you, it sucks. this one was good and funny though, so there's that at least!

  3. Jayne- He was so easy to keep up with when he was Zero.

    id- I went there and discovered the same thing. I did update my profile there, so at least I've accomplished that small task.

  4. Well, shit. I'd have liked to have seen it. Mei fei tsu.

    If it's of any comfort, I purge directly into or on to whichever medium I'm using too. Otherwise, the backup, if you will, is locked up within the walls of my skull. Despite my memory, the uniqueness of a moment, once lost, cannot be recovered.

  5. Robbie, I have no idea what "Mei fei tsu" means. I Babelfished it, no luck. I kinda sorta think I remember something like it in one of your posts, maybe, and now I want to read them all again.