Thursday, June 2, 2011

101 Words

My dreams last night featured an albino cockroach, my grandson's other grandma, fires, secret passageways, and some beautiful green eyes the color of sea moss.
There was also an army of zombie-like creatures, a boy from my jr. high, and an eviction notice.
I didn't get the chance to write anything down today, because I woke up briefly, realized that today was my day off, and then went back to sleep. I slept and slept and slept until 6:56 am.
It was the best sleep I've had for weeks.
I was supposed to give up coffee yesterday. That didn't happen.


  1. the items from your dream read like a writing game i used to play where you make a list of somewhat descriptive unrelated things, exchange with someone else, and then write a short story using those items. always tons of fun. but i bet the dream was a nightmare of sorts.
    you must normally wake up veeerry early if almost 7 gets 3 'slepts'.

  2. That sounds like a great game. If my real life friends could read, I'd get them to play it with me.
    Yes, it was a nightmare, as usual, and yes, I usually get up at five, hence, the coffee addiction.

  3. Yikes! If I found fires, albino cockroaches and zombies in my dream I wouldn't need an eviction notice!

  4. nessa, you're so funny. one of my favorite comments i've ever read on blogger was left by you on freewritewheatpaste's blog.

  5. Wow I read this twice and still remained baffled by the albino cockroach. I'll confess I even googled it and then promptly was relieved that no such insects invade my nightmares. I sympathise with the coffee not-giving-up-ness. I don't think I'd make it through the day without it.

  6. Jayne, In the midst of all that roach/zombie madness, there was also some contraversy over hardwood floors. I remembered it later...

    id- I think I remember that guy. I'll have to look him up again, see what he's been up to.

    light- I googled it too, and that's EXACTLY what it looked like in my dream!