Friday, April 29, 2011

Without You

Looking back, I see that we did fit together nicely. You were like a favorite sweater of mine, warm and fuzzy. You felt so wonderful with your arms around me. I couldn't see myself without you. I didn't want to give up that comfortable, cozy feeling.
I'm not quite sure when I lost you. One day I looked around and you were just gone. I found I could live without you after all.
When you came back to me, too much time had passed. You were a little worn for the wear, or maybe it was me. I had changed too much. I was a bigger person than what you remembered.
You were still warm, but you didn't fit me like you used to. You clung too tightly.
There was no room to breathe.


  1. This leaves me intrigued. An excellent post that could have several meanings. Neatly done.

  2. A beautiful post, I loved it. You told us just enough and left a few questions unanswered. I want more :)

  3. Sometimes it's a good thing to pick up some new well-fitting sweaters. Ones without any pills. ;)

  4. you're such a great writer, loved this.

  5. My friend KC mentioned to me just a few minutes ago that she thought this could be about addiction. Since she has known me for years, she knows that's not the case, but looking back at it, I do see how this could be taken a number of ways.

  6. So poetic and lovely. I enjoyed the message about letting go the one you love too.

  7. People who had been together, when separated, grow at different rates and in different directions. With me, I expected her to have weird fashions and horns or wings by now or somethin...

  8. Shopgirl and id and Starlight- thank you. Those are lovely compliments.

    Jayne and light- I didn't mean for it to be ambiguous, but it is, isn't it?

    fwwp- if I do my hair just right, you hardly notice the horns...