Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time for a Happy Thing, or Three...

My posts lately have been taking on a more...well...depressing tone. That's not really the kind of person I am. I have my good days, and I have my bad days just like everybody else, so I suppose I should throw in a cheerful post every once in a while, right?
The problem is, I can't always think of something that is both cheerful AND post-worthy.
This week, it has been handed to me on a silver platter. Isn't that what we say of people who get something they didn't actually earn, but manage to reap the rewards anyway?
I received an award from Jayne who lights up her little corner of the world over at Suburban Soliloquy .

This is what the award looks like:

How cool is that? (I haven't figured out how to make it into a button yet. I suppose I'll get around to that later this week.)

But it comes at a price. In order to accept the award, I have to do a little show and tell and then pass it along to other bloggers whom I feel deserve a little boost in their day.

Sooo....(I'm trying to keep up the cheerfulness, so I'm only going to list lighthearted facts about myself.)

  1. I used to have an Australian accent. I came by it honestly. We lived in Australia for two years while I was learning to speak. When we came back to the States, I thought I was pretty hot stuff because Americans would listen to me talk about the silliest things. (I didn't realize then that it was the accent that attracted them, not my words.) When I was eight years old, we moved to Texas, and that was the end of that.
  2. I lost seven pounds this month. Diet and exercise. No Pills. No Frills.
  3. The best friends I have ever had have been my friends since I was twelve years old. Life may have allowed us to drift apart, but I still feel a strong bond with each of them, and I know they feel the same about me.
Ok. That's all I got.

So, in passing this Award away, I believe I will hand it over to light208 who shines in Shadows
and also to Grapefruit who parties it up at The Daily Grapefruit.

Both of these ladies have touched my heart with their words. As I see it, they may not even accept the award, but I'd like them to know that they are each an inspiration to me in their own unique ways. May they always blog.


  1. Nessa, thank you. Considering the encouragement you've given me with comments and the honesty that resounds through your posts that makes me want to write more, I think I should be giving you awards, not the other way around. Jayne had absolutely the right idea.

    I may well do this, although I'm going away on holiday, so it might not be for a while. But I appreciate it more than you know.

  2. Is a Texas accent the equivalent of the dominant gene, then? I'd have thought an Aussie twang was pretty strong, but...

  3. Nessa- from Australia to Texas? Wow! Interesting how the landscape is so wide open in both places. I'll be you still turn that Texan drawl into Australian flap. Go on, give it whirl. ;)
    (Btw- you can paste the award into a sidebar gadget. Nothin' to it.)

  4. Light-have a good vacation. You need it.

    Dott- yes, I think Texas is dominant, but just imagine what I sounded like during the transition...

    Jayne- true, every once in a while, I say something a bit round the twist, and nobody has a clue what I mean. But, we went from Aussieland straight to Alaska. (I know we were also in Georgia, New Zealand, California and Hawaii, but I could never tell you in what order.)