Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beyond the Dream

I haven't been feeling well for a few days. As always, this means that my dreams have been totally screwy. I woke myself up this morning screaming at my mother who presumably passed away three years ago. I kept reminding her that she was dead, and, of course she argued with me simply for the sake of arguing. She was like that when she was alive, and  I suppose it carried over into the next level of existence.
Our argument, however unordinary, was typical. I was tired and cranky after a night of soaring over treetops in my two-man collapsible car. I wanted to rest, but she wouldn't let me. She kept insisting that I wasn't folding my car correctly. I didn't give a hoot. As long as it fit in my pocket and I could take a nap, right? But nooooooo....she made me completely undo it and fold it all over again with perfect corners.

Sheesh, MOM!


  1. What an interesting dream. Dreams are our
    unconscious mind screaming at us, aren't they? I don't know, maybe they mean nothing other than we aren't getting enough deep sleep. But I think there's a little truth to every dream. Don't know... but yours are filled with some wild imagery! Hmmm.... ;)

  2. Oh you know what I think about dreams. They always mean something relevant.

  3. Well, this dream just means I still have MOTHER issues.(and who DOESN"T?) It makes me wonder if my daughter ever has dreams like this...