Thursday, March 10, 2011

100 Words: Not Nearly Enough

You said we should get married. It was a suggestion, not a question.

I rolled over in the bed to face you. I listened patiently while you told me how good it would be for us...financially.
The Corps would pay you more if you had a family to support. We could live on base. My kids could get your health insurance.
But...where was my ring? My knight on bended knee? Your confession of undying love? Why were you trying to sell it to me like a used car?
I wanted to say yes, but you never asked me.

Originally, I was going to enter the 100 Words competition going on over at HerMelness but...nah...I don't need that kind of  attention for this one.


  1. I think you should enter this despite your reservations. Truly stunning:
    "I wanted to say yes, but you never asked me."

  2. This SLAYED me.

    I think you should enter it, too, but I totally understand why you refrained.

  3. He just listed all the reasons you shouldn't marry him. Good for you for knowing the difference.

  4. Nessa - "this one" is terrific. Really. Perfectly rounded and so well developed. Don't second guess yourself. You never know, "that kind" of attention could turn out to be precisely what you need. Why ever not? ;)

  5. You really should enter this one, Nessa. I know some of the background, and it's amazing you could fit it all in to so few words. Seriously, this is a great post!

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