Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Be It

A feeling of dread came over me today as I was driving home during rush hour traffic.
As my tires crunched slowly over the debris not yet cleared from the most recent accident, a little white Chevy cut off two lanes of traffic and pushed ahead to get to the I-40 on-ramp, startling those drivers who were next in line. They slammed their brakes and swerved. The little Chevy didn't give them a second glance or a sorrowful wave or even the finger.
There's nothing to be done aboout it, so the rest of the law-abiding drivers simply sighed, or cursed, or whatever they did, but they just moved on.
Road-rage doesn't seem to exist in this little part of the world. We simply accept the craziness and push through the day.

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