Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Day of Three

I have a bad habit of listing things. I think it's because I like to pretend I'm organized and clutter free. Listing things...all me a false sense of order in my hectic and chaotic life. (This might possibly be an unknown form of Obsesseive/Compulsive Disorder. I should submit it to the Rulers of Psychiatry for further analysis. They'll publish it and I'll go down in Psychology Textbooks everywhere as being the discoverer of 'Order Disorder.' There will be a luncheon in my honor. I'd win an award and give a speech and I could list all the people I'd like to thank and help the caterer list all the people who'd rather have the fish..)

AnyHoo, on with the blog.

There's almost always a list in my pocket. Whether it's a list of things that are going on Ad this week, signs I need to make, my grocery receipt, Facebook on my phone- all lists, bringing a quiet hum of blissfulness into my day. I love it. I'm so very organized.

So I follow this great blog called 3BT, or Three Beautiful Things. It is written by a woman named Clare who believes that no day should pass without being appreciated. She is amazing. She finds beauty in the oddest things sometimes. Everyday. She lists three things. I admire her restraint. Only Three...

And so I think everyday about the things that I find beautiful. It's a hard task, since I am probably the whiniest, bitchiest and most opinionated person you will ever know. I look sweet in my picture, but I assure you, it is farce...

So, Clare, hats off to you. Here's my lists.

  1. Scott, who is the King of Meat, offered me a rollaway cooler specifically for the dreaded Reduced Section. This will keep me from needing to reset the counter twice a day. All hail The King of Meat.
  2. Our house sold to a new landlord who turns out to be quite a cutie and doesn't seem to mind my dog.
  3. There are plenty of mint chocolate chip creamcicles to share with Neighbor Kid. One for me, one for Matt and one for Neighbor Kid (Jeremiah? maybe)


  1. The dog was left inside all day.
  2. Hives.
  3. Dirty Laundry.


  1. Lmao!!! No honey, sorry to say but obsessive list making is already considered OCD. I know, I do it too. Just don't feel like I can function sometimes if I don't have it all laid out there before me in a nice neat organized little psychosis. But the bad thing is, I have the kids starting to do it too. OOPS!!!

  2. Well, darnit! I was hoping to get a little toe in the world of psychotic behavior. I guess I'll have to settle for living vicariously through my crazy friends!!!