Sunday, September 26, 2010

My pits stink.

I can tell when a book is coming along well. I haven't bathed in three days, my clothes have been slept in and even the dog has decided not to sleep at my feet.  I know I have deodorant, but its so far away, way over there on my vanity. So far away from the computer.
This computer would be a lot cooler if I could figure out how to get it to brew coffee.

Even now, I think I'm probably wasting my time typing out a blog, but I needed a break. I was asleep, dreaming about Jess Harper and the wall she has built around herself (that I built around her). How do you break it down without hurting the girl inside? (It's an ice wall. Melt it.)

Ha! an epiphany! Of course it's an ice wall! The woman is as cold as they come!

Ok...I'm cutting this blog short.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ventoso Means Windy

Once, my boss Jerry asked me for something, and I gave him a detailed description of its whereabouts, because I didn't have time to get it for him. He asked, "How do you always know exactly where everything is?"
I replied, "Because that's where I put it."
And that's how it is in Ventoso, Texas.
As usual, I have immersed myself in the world of Ventoso, Texas. This place exists solely in my imagination, but it very real to me. I know exactly where the police station is. I know where the hospital is, and I know where Big Dogs is. (The saloon is very important. I like to indulge in a Nessarita every once in a while, and Big Dogs is the only place in town that makes them.) And I know where these things are because that's where I put them.
The second book is coming along. I changed the point of view to third person. I couldn't tell the whole story in first. I'm disappointed in myself.

Completely off the subject, I have fallen prey to Fishville. I have an insatiable urge to level up again and again and again. I'm too competitive. The guys from work are winning.  It's Adrian's fault. Somebody please murder him in his sleep for me.
I dream in bubbles. (By the way, I need more neighbors. Any takers?)