Thursday, August 12, 2010

Butterfly Farts

I've gotten out of the habit of blogging. I believe the last blogpost on my Myspace page was written in February, and still, somebody is reading it. Myspace lets you know…but most of my blogs there are private, and you can only read what I allow you to read.

I've decided that this blog, "Words from the Wench", will be more public, and so you should be warned that I tend to be very opinionated. Even if you consider yourself my close personal friend, you are not safe here. Be prepared for my brutality. If you are actually my close personal friend (or my unfortunate co-worker), you are expecting it. I am not all rainbows and butterfly farts.

There will never be anything worth reading here, so don't waste your time searching for it. I'm a rambler. My thoughts tend to travel and break off into random tangents. I write more productively when it's raining or if there is something much more important that I should be doing.

Just now, I remembered that I'm supposed to have two paintings finished before Saturday for that art show at the Nat. One is a creepy little mermaid to offset Melina's pretty one. And the other I haven't decided yet. I have an idea for a thought bubble/junk food vomit/girl head, but I'd never finish it by Saturday. Vomit is so time-consuming

So I won't start blogging today.

Come back later. Perhaps you'll discover another name for me, something a little less subtle than "Wench."

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