Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dream: Heavy

I guess something had happened between us, something had bonded us together. We were spending all our time doing the mundane things with each other, driving through traffic, grocery shopping, eating, reading-- your general passing of life, and dragging the kids along, which somehow made it seem like we were all united as a family.

You, me, and all the kids.

But not really all the kids. Just your kids and my kids crossing over and matching and switching ages. My two boys who have the same names as your two boys were my boys, but they were the same age as your boys, and they were your boys in the dream, not mine. And then my other two were babies again, instead of being grown kiddos like they really are. And for some reason, that made more sense than what goes on in our real lives, because I always feel like I'm just starting out, and I haven't had enough experience to know anything about parenting.

But, then again, do any of us have any experience parenting before we become parents? Of course not.

We're all just kind of "winging it."

So there we were, in the grocery store, moving down the aisle of the store together with the kids in tow. You were holding my hand, and I kept looking down at our joined hands in bewilderment.

Those other girls were flirting with you, the way they always do, and you were dismissing them, the way you always do. You're too cool, or too busy, or too bored for the flirts.

But they're so assertive, and I'm rolling my eyes, because I know these girls are knocking on a firmly bolted door. You smiled at me and whispered, "I'm going to tell them."

And I said, "Tell them what?"

You turned with your hands held up to get their attention and announced to the entire store that we had gotten married.


I didn't remember getting married, so I tried to deny these horrendous allegations. You looked into my eyes with your bewitching eyes and smiled that mesmerizing little smile, insisting that we were indeed wedded.

The ring on my finger was your proof, and suddenly, I couldn't even lift my hand from the massive weight of a wedding ring on the left finger, right where it really shouldn't have been.

When the hell did that happen? Who put that thing there, and why did I agree to it?

Assuming that I did, that is.

Even in my waking state, even in the clear light of day, I say you must have tricked me into it somehow...


  1. For the first time in my life, I've been trying to write down my dreams over the past few weeks.

    I like reading accounts of there's dreams.

    The stuff about the kids is classic!

    1. Dreaming constantly is the thing that makes me a freak. I have to be careful about which ones I share.

  2. Another woman afraid of the big m? You and Sabina should get together and play cards.

    1. I wouldn't say I'm afraid of it, just averse to it, and yes, I will go a few rounds of Old Maid with Sabina whenever she's ready. :)

  3. "Heavy" is the appropriate title for this. A good one to wake from, I'd say.

    1. At least it wasn't a "Ring of Fire" this time. Those usually end with me chopping it right off. ((shudder))

  4. We're all tricked into marriage in some way or the other. Different from was expected, but got used to it >:)

    BTW, I agree that there are dreams that shouldn't be shared.

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Maybe I shouldn't share any! But I figure as long as I don't use any names, I won't be nearly as embarrassed when he gets around to reading my blog.