Friday, August 17, 2012

100 Words: I'm the Mom, Not the Maid

I'll move to someplace where it rains at least twice a week and relatives aren't allowed, specifically, offspring. I'll take the computer, the books and my nice comfy bed.

I'll probably take the coffee maker as well.

I'll eat out every night so I won't need to wash the dishes and I'll wear jammies all the time.

Nobody here notices what I do until I neglect to do it. Things pile up and get gross.

Then they point fingers at each other proclaiming, "He didn't clean it!" or "She didn't lift a finger!"

I think that's pretty obvious, don't you?


  1. Yay! You've written something. Boo! You're being treated as a servent. As I recall, the Carolina's had weather like you request, but there's the humidity...

  2. Hmm...Frizzy Hair vs. Servitude? Decisions, decisions...

  3. "I'm the mom not the maid"

    That is my household mantra.

    1. Every mom I have ever known has uttered those words.

  4. Ha! Boy can I relate to this. I especially like the "eat out every night" part. Can I join you? ;)

  5. I cant relate to this at all...except its fantastic, and i heard my sister bellow it out to her daughter in a strange way i can relate to it...and im wearing my jimjams :)