Friday, January 6, 2012

Spontaneity. It's a Problem.

I was having writer's block this morning, so I decided it was time for me to take a shower, deodorize, fix my hair and go out into the "real world" where people can view one another in the flesh. They can either smile and wave at one another, or they can scowl and pretend to ignore one another, depending on their moods. I tend to smile most of the time, as long as I'm nowhere near my job.

Going to the park or the zoo is not really a option for me. I have horrible outdoor allergies. I would have to take a heavy dose of allergy meds either before or after my adventures in the sun, which, let's face it, is not a cure for writer's block at all. I have to find a nice place indoors to roam.

The only problem around here, is that there's really no interesting place to go that I haven't been to a million times before, so I ended up at Walmart with the rest of society's rejects. The only thing I can say for myself is that I didn't wear my jammies and slippers. Other than that one small difference, I appeared to roam aimlessly around the store just like all the other mindless zombies I saw there, filling my cart full of things I probably could have lived without.

I remembered I needed to pick up some putty I saw on TV to repair the leak in the rain gutter that causes rain and melted snow to pour directly onto anyone attempting to knock on my front door. (No, I didn't intend for it to do that. I think the house might be adjusting to my personality and shunning all humanity on my behalf.)

The putty was $3.97. The allergen-blocking heater filter was $8.88. The acai-berry-detox pills were $9.97. The avocado/oatmeal face mask was $1.27. The LED key chain flashlight was $4.97.

Need I go on?

Thank goodness, I stopped myself before I made it to the electronics. I might have ended up with a brand new forty-two inch flat-screen TV and a PS3.

The next time I have writer's block, I believe I'll turn off my computer and curl up with a good book. It's free and I won't have to smile at anybody.

I might even wear my jammies.


  1. I used to live in a flat on a busy High Street, above the shops. I would spend a fortune some days just wandering round buying things I didn't need. Nice post Nessa, because it's just reminded me that I want to curl up with my book on the sofa. :)

  2. I remember seeing somewhere once;

    "One does not simply walkinto Wal-Mart. There is evil there that does not sleep."

    True words...

    Books are far better anyways.

  3. I agree with the above comment - walmart is pure evil... although how they get me to absolutely waste money each and every time I go in there is sheer genius! Have you tried Pintrest? free... and wonderful for ideas... just a thought....

  4. I found myself writing down ideas on little scraps of paper. Brilliant, right?

    Except they get lost in my purse, until I get so irritated that I can't find anything in there, that I empty it out and throw them all away.


    Writer's block stinks. Walmart's "Price dropping" low prices stink even more since I can never get out of there for less than $20. I needed a baby gift today. $87 later...

  5. Just realised that Walmart owns Asda which we have in the uk. I hate Asda. Nothing else to say.

  6. haha - shopping is therapeutic, just like writing a blog or reading a book. Two out of three for me, not bad

  7. That reminds me of the 'Day of the Dead' scene where the still living decide to go to a mall, y'know for food n shit but find zombies wandering around....'why are they here?' asks one of the survivors...'cos thats all they did when they were alive' opines another...
    Im sure I will end up in a bargain basement store when I become zombified...
    Now before you start panicking, Im not sayiing you are a zombie or anything...oh lord I think I have screwed this comment up...

  8. What about the public library? That's a nice place to hang out while waiting for the writer's block to pass >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  9. Dicky-I've never heard of Asda, which is probably part of the evil conspiracy.

    Robbie-did you know they sell books at Walmart? (Does that make the books evil, somehow?)

    Maria- I have spent a small amount of time on Pinterest. I'm not sure I "get" it.

    Julianna- I've done that scrap paper bit, but I always write something that makes sense at the time, but seems rather enigmatic when I find it later.

    Joe-shopping's great! It's the actual buying that's the problem.

    Dan- You're the second person today that's called me a zombie! (Maybe I should take a look in the mirror and make some adjustments.)

    Cold-The library is a favorite of mine, but the librarian is always bothering me with idiotic suggestions. She thinks I'm a teenager. (It's a curse of mine.)

  10. They sell the Twilight series, bibles, and romance novels there...or so I've heard. Despite being a former theology student, only one of those tomes might be vaguely worth reading for fun.

  11. You're right. Books are better.

    We don't have Walmart in our country, but we have Walter Mart. I usually buy books there.

  12. Am I the only one here that doesn't feel guilty about fixing life's problems with TV?

  13. I carry a little book, into which go my observations regarding all the little weirdos around me.


    The world is blog fodder.


  14. Robbie, I've read all of those. (please don't judge me... I AM a girl, after all.)

    Adrian- I'm curious about Walter Mart. Sounds like a guy, not a store.

    Grunt- I use the TV for background noise, (and I pay the cable bill every month just for the luxury...)

    Pearl- you're blog posts about the people around you are amazing. I should only hope to take notes half as good as yours.

  15. I swear part of why I started writing was to keep me from shopping. I spend a lot less money now. But that writer's block issue, yup, that can evolve easily into other issues. Go to the mall early, and walk with all those nice old mall walkers. They'd love your company. Might be a story in there somewhere! ;)

  16. Sometimes it's good to just get out though right? Breathe some different air, get distracted etc., and the face mask was a bit of a bargain.

  17. Jayne-a good idea, but the mall doesn't open until TEN. Walmart's open 24/7.

    Sensible-my skin does feel quite radiant!