Friday, January 13, 2012

I'll Give it to You Good

My biggest New Year Resolution this year is to give more without giving more money. Actually, I'd like it to be that I don't give any money, but they take those United Way and We Care donations right out of my check, so that's a bust. So, it's settled that I simply won't give any more money than that.
No five dollar bills for the homeless guy on the corner.
No spare change for the Fireman's Boot.
No fishing for quarters for the Salvation Army bucket.
My Dimes will not be Marching anywhere.
I'll feel like a jerk as I pass these folks by, but that's the way it's got to be.
I'm not made of money after all.
I'm a single mom with a small paycheck and big rent!

Instead, I'll give the things that don't cost me a cent to give away.

I've already started.

I gave Destiny my old refrigerator that still works great. She had to come get it herself, though, because I only have a car. No truck. My dog became very aggressive and bit her. She ended up with a huge bruise and hasn't been back to my house, but hey, she got a free fridge, so it's all good.

One thing leads to another in this life. My dog became more and more aggressive, started fights with the neighborhood dogs, chased the mailman, lunged for my two-year-old grandson. Other horrible things happened, and so I made the very very hard decision to have her put down.

I bawled and bawled and bawled. I've made some very hard decisions in my life, and this one is pretty high up on the list. I hope you never have to do it.

But, because of that, I had a bunch of leftover dog food, which I was able to donate to Pam from Seafood who is on medical leave from work. Her short-term disability hasn't kicked in yet, so she was running low on funds. Dog food. One less thing she'll have to worry about for a little while.

Her dog was excited to see me. She was a happy, playful little pooch. Nothing like my dog, which made me realize that my decision wasn't necessarily an evil, self-centered thing. There was actually something seriously wrong with my dog.

Another thing I'm giving away is clothing. I did that thing that they say you should do. I tossed all the clothes I haven't worn in over a year, packed 'em up, and they are waiting patiently to be hauled to the thrift store. My closet is so empty.

Other things that don't cost me money to give?
Hey, I'm even willing to give you a hard time, if that's your thing.
I'm generous like that.

Unique to me?
I suppose I could give more paintings away.
I could edit something you wrote.
I could write more stories.

Speaking of that, I wonder where I left Mia and Neely.
I should probably give them a good ending.


  1. y'know, the physical stuff is good, giving things away...but the other stuff is priceless and takes not one ounce of effort...being nice and kind to others...but it pays off big time knowing that you may have shone a little light on someone's day ;)

  2. That's terrible about the dog, sorry you had to do that. But you certainly did a good thing with the leftover dog food.

    It may be self-centered, but if you keep giving me good stories, I'll be just tickled.

  3. Sad story about your dog. Had a similar experience myself a few years back. Your sentiments about giving and helping are spot on and the very correct thing to do. Mia and Neely has to be done!

  4. That can't have been easy to let your dog go.

    It was very kind of you to give away the things you no longer need but are useful to others.

  5. You appear to be a kind person. Kindness is what the world needs >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  6. it's good to give the emost precious gift of all - friendship :)

  7. I don't really think of it as kindness. I can't even count how many things have been given to me or done for me over the years, so I sort of think of it as paying back what I owe.

  8. Sorry about your dog... that is sooo hard.... I see the need for giving of time, kindness, encouragement everyday in my class... I'm all for it!! keep it up!

  9. I think giving of yourself in this way is more beneficial than just throwing money away at annoying/guilt inducing people. At least you know that your family and friends will at least not end up begging on the street corner.

  10. I think that's a fantastic resolution, effort and action will almost always outweigh money in the end. Sorry to hear about your dog, I have an aggressive dog myself that bit two of my cats and a couple of house guests at times in the past (extenuating circumstances on the guests, not worth getting into). He's still here but it's a fine line, one I have the feeling he'll cross one day. You did the right thing though, they have to live within the rules.

  11. Ha! Loved this, Nessa. Except the part about your dog. Must have been veryhard. I remember when we had to put our sick cat down. I wasn't even that attached, but boy did a bawl.

    It's so good to give without spending a dime. We should all do that. (Well, most of us are these days, given the economy.) And, of course, we would all love for you to give Mia and Neely a good ending--generous lady you are. ;)

  12. Sounds like you are definitely giving much more valuable things. I may just copy you and do the same thing. Well written again.

  13. I'm not sure I could conceive how hard that decision must've been. Heart breaking.

    I shall await an ending for Mia and Neely with interest.

  14. Nessa,you are a beautiful person.I'm sorry about your dog too.I didn't know. I love the way your so forthright,open & honest.Wish I was more like that but I guess I'll settle with being me!(It's not much fun,tho!) Thanks again for the dogfood. I love you for that & other things too! Pam

  15. Replies
    1. I'll take an honest friend over a fake friend any day, Pam. Can't wait for you to get back to work.