Monday, September 26, 2011

Dream: Needs

I am a fifty foot giant, traipsing around the supermarket where I earn a regular paycheck, and the grocery aisles are arranged like a maze for laboratory rats. I can see the shoppers, racing around, finding their prizes and ringing their bells. They're stocking up on the must-haves and arguing over the want-it-bads.
This woman needs her roast; there's been a death in the family. That woman needs her cake; her granddaughter is turning five. That man has to have the Official Dallas Cowboy beer cooler; the game starts at three.

Each person's event is the most important event, and if we don't meet their needs, their lives will crumble.

I am a small ghost. I slip in between them and fill their carts.They don't see me. They don't hear me; even if they do, they don't recognize me. They don't need to.

I am a person. I need three o'clock. If it doesn't come soon, my world will crumble.


  1. That's the problem - we all think "our" problem or need is greater than the next persons (people turn into nutters at the supermarket).

    I mentioned your previous post over at my blog.

  2. The joys of customer service...

    I do think you captured the joy and pain of a crowded market well.

  3. Dicky- thanks for the feature! I noticed that traffic picked up, and a few people left comments on some older blog posts! That was kind of a surprise! Mel and Spencer were good choices. I liked being grouped with them.

    Robbie- I've been on vacation for five days and I've dreamed about work three nights in a row. I should probably take a trip somewhere...

  4. yeah, everyone thinks the world revolves around them, grrr. well i got news for you people, the world revolves around ME! hahaha, that's not even a little bit true.
    now stop dreaming about work, you're on vacation!

  5. That's how I feel towards 3 o'clock sometimes. Too often in fact. Well captured moods and emotions.

  6. I dreamt i had shoes made out of hotdogs the other night and was really upset that other people were not wearing them.
    They were really nice too.
    Im not a hot dog manufacturer nor have ever been involved in the trafficking or distribution of them.
    I forgot what i was going to say but enjoy that break girl ;)

  7. We are all quite alike, aren't we? Only our ability to remain reasonable in the face of getting our needs met separate us...


  8. id- Nah. The world revolves around me. Get in line.

    Shopgirl-thank you. I did wake up feeling the mood of this dream.

    Dan- Hot dog shoes? There was once Hot Dog car parked in our parking lot. I have pictures.

    Pearl-how true.

  9. I don't like shopping,and I manage well without a Dallas Cowboys beer cooler.

    Anyway, you deserve some nice days off >:)

    PS: The word verification that came up was iMist, so I wonder, is that some new gadget in the Apple Store?

    Cold As Heaven

  10. Cold- maybe it's a play on words? iMist Uwhile Uwere Away.