Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Could Hear You Laughing

I had a dream last night that you and I were chasing each other through a house that had never-ending rooms.  I could have dealt with it better if there had been hallways. It might have given the house more definition. Perhaps I would have felt I had more choices, this door or that? Kitchen or bedroom?
 It wasn't like that at all. Once I opened a door, my eyes immediately focused on the next doorway, and I had to get to it to go through it into another room that had a doorway into yet another room. The doorways faded away as soon as I passed through. There's was no going back, only forward.
I could hear you laughing in the distance, calling for me. I was looking for you. You were looking for me.
The gremlins and pixies were everywhere, tripping me, snorting giggles, distracting me with bubbles and funeral music.
When I finally caught up to you, you were staring out the window toward the soldiers on the battlefield.
You couldn't see me at all. You'd forgotten to keep looking for me.
Somebody had wrapped you in duct tape, like a mummy. It covered your entire body in neat, silver lines all the way up to your neck. Your wild, red tendrils of hair snaked out and up and seemed to writhe with your every breath. You smelled of gunfire and gasoline and carefree adolescence.
"Are you going to die now?"  I asked.
You turned to me with those deep black, crazy eyes and said, "I will if you will."


  1. loved it, felt just like a dream...a creepy disturbing dream. (but i suppose they all are though.)

  2. I liked this. Reckon, in dysfunctional ways, we had similar dreams one night, although, I might be wrong.

  3. Id, you're right, most of my memorable dreams have a trace of horror.

    Robbie- yes, similar. It was your post that reminded me of my dream. That part where you describe what she smelled like. I have a million dreams a day, it seems, even when I barely nod off. I try to write down the truly frightening ones.

  4. every dream i remember is a nightmare. i remember once in college talking to some guy about my dreams and he was like, "what is wrong with you? all of my dreams involve me having super powers and saving the planet." and i've heard from 2 other men that their dreams generally consist of super hero stuff. i wonder if it's a guy thing, like by just being male you have more confidence in society or something so your dreaming isn't spent trying to sort out all the things that are out to get you. just a thought, not a well thought out one though.

  5. When I am fleeing in my dreams...and usually, I am: I am usually fleeing from something - always, the settings mash up into each other...I'll be at work and then I'll round a corner and end up in my junior high gymnasium or something like that. I wish I remembered the fun dreams more.

  6. id- ah, yes, I've heard that too, The All Encompassing Power of the Penis. You may be on to something.

    fwwp- that's how it works for me too, turn my head and WHAM, I'm no longer in the safe and comfortable haven of my bubblebath. I'm at the airport with some toothless, scrawny redneck in a security uniform pawing over my suds (and not in a fun way).