Monday, June 13, 2011

100 Words:Eviction Notice

I've not seen one dime of rent money from those bitchy black birds who gather in the eaves outside my bedroom window.
On the eighth day of vacation, I sneaked out there, risked my neck on a rickety chair and sprinkled a generous amount of cayenne pepper across the most popular roost. Just for good measure, I forced some into the hole I found up there with little bits of grass and twigs.
On the ninth day of vacation, I awakened to the low grumbling of pissed off black birds lined along on the privacy fence, plotting my imminent demise.

Note: I don't know if it was MLS who started this 100 Words Phenonemon, but I've seen alot of bloggers picking up on it. I enjoy the challenge of telling a descriptive story, or sharing a rant in so few words.


  1. I caught Matt doing the same thing the other day. You are going to do more than just piss them off. They probably have some kind of intestinal disfunction now. Poor birds.

  2. haha, this one was sooo good.
    do you get the 100 words topics from somewhere? like, are they assignments, or do you just decide to write something and try to do it in 100 words? i enjoy them all anyway...

  3. Sara- I hope they don't take out their revenge on my car.

    id- nah, there are no rules or assignments, other than it has to be exactly 100 words. Mr. London Street launched it, I think, so basically, it's his concept. Other bloggers have picked up on it, and they even had a contest at Her MelNess Speaks a couple of months ago. (But there were rules for that one.)

  4. Bwahahaha! And those little buggers really do plot now don't they? Excellent 100, Nessa!

  5. Jayne- Thanks muchas. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

  6. This reminded me of a movie (I think "failure to launch") where a bird kept this girl up all night so she shot it with a bb gun or something.

    Your solution is more fun and effective, I reckon.