Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Secret Family Recipe

Last night was Outhouse Stew night. What's that, you ask?

It's what we make because we're out all the regular foods in this house.
But we have to make something for supper, because, apparently, Cereal Night has been a little bit overdone around here, and we all just might start growing Cheerios out of our eyeballs if we have to go through another Cereal Night this month. (and, anyhoo, we were out of milk...)

I was on vacation last week, and since I work at the store where we shop there was no way I was going anywhere near it for a full ten days. So we had to improvise the menu.

Basically, the recipe is a no-brainer. You got something edible? Put it in the pot.

I had a liitle bit of ground beef, lucky me, so I browned it and put it the pot. A can of great northern beans, greens beans, corn.

No carrots for us, darnit, and no potatoes either, but you can add them if that's what you've got.
If you like noodles, nice cheap ramen works pretty well, or elbow macaronis. We didn't have any in ours, but we could add them to round two tonight.

I sneaked in some (tomatoes), but Matthew doesn't like them, so I don't tell him, and I found a little can of roasted green chilies, yum yum. (I forgot to put them in the spaghetti casserole the other night. I just now realized that.)

I added a healthy dose of a seasoning called Hamburger Deluxe, which I usually put in meatloaf, but it turns out that it works for this, too. And camino. (That's the deal-sealer right there.)

Heat it to a boil and then simmer until the kids show up. Matthew was a little reluctant to eat something I'd named after a toilet, but after I promised him there was no pooping involved, he came around.

We had two bowls each.

Tonight, maybe well add the macaroni and call it Elbow Grease Soup.


  1. This is sounding very Canadian. I kind of remember eating a lot of this (often recycled) as a kid. And being quite satisfied. ;)

  2. Great name for a meal. Great sounding meal too. I like meals all in one pot.