Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm not a Scrooge, but I hate the Christmas Season.

I think I'm treading that thin line between bravery and stupidity tonight. I have been drinking (tequila), and I'm posting anyway. Luckily, I am not totally snockered. Just a little on the happy side.
Tonight was our Store Christmas Party. I have discovered two things.
 Acapulco's Mexican Restaurant serves a damn good Margarita, and Nune (noonie)
(from the Seafood Department) is a great conversationalist.  I have no idea if I am a good conversationalist, as I have indulged myself just a little too much with Mr. Cuervo.
I didn't win anything in the drawing, as usual.
I came home, and the dog has knocked over the trash can and claimed an empty bottle of eye drops.
I don't know whose eye drops they were, but they belong to the dog now.
Also, Ricky's wife might not love her job as much as she ought to. I would love to work with eight year olds all day, but all she cheered about was the fact that the school year was almost half-way over. (Maybe she's preggo. That always made me cranky.)

I went to the Dentist yesterday on an emergency visit. (Not my favorite thing to do...)

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