Monday, November 8, 2010

After a while, Crocodile...

I like the little kids, and all the little kids like me. (They think I am one.) I had my share of fun ones in the store today. One little boy couldn't stop saying "BYE" to me. He was all of two or three years old, and he liked the way I looked in my blue smock,  I suppose. His mom worried that I would be annoyed by him, but I rarely am.
He sat in his grocery cart and waved, "BYE!"
I waved back, "Bye-bye!"
He grinned and waved again, "BYE! BYE! BYE!"
And I returned it, whispering and slowly waving like a pageant queen in a parade, "bye...bye...bye..."

and then a passerby decided to get in on the fun. She was a friendly older woman who seemed to be enjoying our little interaction.
"See ya later, alligator!" she said in a little sing-song voice, obviously pleased with herself for coming up with something other than our generic "byes."

And the friendly little boy with the big grin suddenly creased his brow and scowled at her and said in a low, threatening voice..."NOT YOU!"

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  1. I love little kids! When else can you speak your mind and still get away with it? (Oh, wait, nevermind - you grow up, start a blog, and THEN you can get away with it al over again!)